Book Buster Challenge

The challenge is on! Can you improve your reading age by a year or more this year? Everyone in school will have their reading age tested at the end of the school year. You will be given a reading book with a coloured label that is at the right level for your reading age. Remember this is not a competition with your friends but with yourself. How much can you improve? It’s easy if you follow this advice.

  • Read aloud to an adult  for 10 mins each night at home. You can read for longer if you wish. Get the adult to date and sign your home reading book, they can make a comment if they wish.( One signature for one reading session.)

  • If you forget to take your reading book or wish to read a book of your own, that is fine, but your record must be signed for it to count towards an award. Do not lose your record book or you will have to start again.

To encourage you to keep going and improve your reading you can earn these rewards

Rainbow certificate- 30 nights

Bronze certificate- 50 nights readingimage

Silver Certificate- 100 nights reading

Gold Certificate- 150 nights reading

Bronze medal – 200 nights reading

Silver medal – 250 nights reading

Gold medal – 300 nights reading

Special award for 350 nights

 Introduced in 2015-16 Life Time Reader Award- Children that had collected the 350 night award every years since the scheme started!

 To get your awards quicker you will need to read at the weekend as well as the week. ( Only once a day) To gain the top awards you will need to read every day of your holidays as well. In school we will help you achieve high reading levels by reading as groups or individually but to get certificates only home reading counts. You will also be able to take a book home from the Library Bus.

          Good luck!


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