Funding Reports

In addition to our full school budget we receive funding pots  for promoting sport and for pupil premium children.

Sports Grant

Outcomes 2015-16- both boys and girls football teams played consistently well and enjoyed a high degree of success in local competitions. The 5/6 team won the football tournament. A team of girls took part and enjoyed the netball tournament. In the swimming gala we won one event and came second overall. There was a successful set of tag-rugby training and competition combined sessions. One of our swimmers in Year 6 has been selected to swim for England. Individual awards were gained in the athletics and multi sports events. School held an inter-team football tournament. In the summer a new cricket club was formed by a member of our staff with a large number of our pupils attending. There have been two competitions and the team have only lost one game in each.

The following report gives full details of how the grant has been spent to date and the proposals for spend in 2016-17

sports-premium-report-2015-16 PB040012


Pupil Premium Strategy

Headline 2015-16 Year 6 National Tests- School were 10% above national for reading, writing and maths combined. The progress of the Pupil Premium was not significantly different from the National.

See full report below- 


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