Governors meeting Tuesday 20th June 2017

Mr Darren Holmes, a director of our trust was present at the meeting and spoke about the roles and responsibilities of the Trust Board and the delegated responsibilities at local governing body level. We welcomed are new Chair of Governors Mr Mark Thompson who is a parent of the school with a background in management in the Health Service. We also welcomed Mr Matt Holness who is a Curriculum Leader at Grimsby College. Both governors have already visited school  and taken part in school activities.

Full Governors meeting 30th Nov 2016

There was a full agenda for this meeting but the main focus was on aspects of the improvement plan and progress with it. Governors had re- read the school self- evaluation document where minor changes had been made. The latest Enquire Trust Learning walk, from October, around the school was discussed. The walk was very positive giving an external view of some of the key elements in our Improvement Plan; we were especially pleased that rubrics were being used so well. Pupils were very engaged with their learning. Adding to this picture was Mr Holmes, our Academy Director, who had visited on the day of the meeting. He was impressed with pupils application in lessons and the outcomes in books. Great progress could be seen from September start to current work.

Governors approved the spend on the new playground area for Nursery and Foundation; exact costs and changes to plan will be with us before Christmas for a completion date of Easter 2017.

Governor- Ofsted Focus meeting 26th September

The Governors met with Mr Holbrook, our school support from the Enquire Learning Trust to review all aspects of the schools work. The Governors have a secure site where all of the important documents are stored and can be retrieved at any time. Aspects of the school inspection schedule were discussed including safeguarding, leadership and teaching and learning.

Learning Council

learning-councilThe Learning Council met with Mrs Hawkins, Governor and Mrs Spruce to launch the activities for 2016-17. We reviewed the learning walk from the previous year and then set out a plan to investigate pupils views of rubrics. The Leaning Council team will be meeting with a randomly selected group of pupils from Y2 to Y6 in with some rubric examples that the children select and complete a questionnaire; audio recording may also be used. Picture is from the Learning Councils visit to Springfield Academy to take part in a learning walk with their school council.

Governors meeting 20th July 2016

The Governors were delighted to welcome Mr Holmes our Trust Director to the meeting. He gave a presentation to Governors on the Learning walk that took place on 22nd June. It was a positive report which detailed the good practice seen and ideas and thoughts for our next steps. Mrs Spruce shared the positive SATs results which will be further enhanced in September when we will know the Government progress measures. Finance, Health and safety and other aspects of school life were discussed. Mr Pritchard demonstrated google drive where Govs will be able to safely store and share documents.

Full Governors Meeting 25th May

This was the first meeting in the new style with all business in one meeting. Previously there were a number of separate committees but due to our Academy status our Governors are a committee of the Trust. As a result of this change Mrs Johnson, Business Manager, has become a Governor. At the meeting attendance was discussed, due to a recent court ruling some alterations to policy will be made and then published to parents. We are waiting for SATs results then these will be fully discussed in the July meeting. The budget for 2016-17 was discussed and approved and suggestions were put forward for improving outdoor areas. Recent visits to school by individual Governors were shared with the full Governing body. Health and safety was discussed and when the latest audit is available it will be monitored in the meetings. Governing body business also has a part B which is confidential.

Mr Hewitt and Mrs Spruce KS2 Maths walk

Mr Hewitt, Chair of Governors, and Mrs Spruce took a walk around the school focusing on Maths from Y3 through to Y6. Maths is a focus of our School improvement plan, as is challenge, so we were seeking to discover some good examples of challenging maths teaching and learning.  We were delighted to find a confident staff team who had planned and are were delivering motivating activities with a high level of challenge across all classes. Recent staff training and new ideas and resources were in evidence and maths working walls were being used by children to support their learning. Many children were either working independently or in pairs and teams; the learning behaviours seen were very good to excellent. We made a short list of ideas and tweaks  to share with staff but overall this was a very positive morning. The experiences and new things we are gaining by being part of  The Enquire Learning Trust can clearly be seen in the classrooms.