Race day- KCOM Hull 16-7-17

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Bright and early on 16-7-17 the Eon / Greenpower car was loaded up into a trailer and the team set off in the minibus for the KCOM in Hull. Mr Holness drove the vehicle and Mr Griffin revved up the team. On arrival the car underwent scrutineering; which it passed with flying colours- so we were ready to race. It was a brilliant day where the team were put though their paces in slalom and drag races. At one point the drive belt broke and it was all hands on as quickly as possible to get a new one fitted so we coudl continue racing. The final event was a speed test around the KCOM stadium which Lucy Todd performed admirably well. It was a fantastic end to a really good project. Not only had the pupils worked well as a team to create the car, design the body work and prepare for racing they had produced a very good portfolio. All of this with PGL and SATs in the mix! Well done Team Cloverfields and special thanks to supporting parents and Mr Holness and Mr Griffin.



Interviewing Mrs Spruce

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This picture is a frame to a car being built in a Hull school it is a earlier model and has a lot of differences from our car kit which can be seen at a similar stage below.

Mr Holness meets Mrs Spruce

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We interviewed Mrs Spruce about the conversation with Mr Holness. Mrs Spruce was very pleased that Mr Holness wanted to join the Greenpower Project, because of his experience as the leader Auto Mechanic Section of Grimsby College, he kindly donated all of the tools for the project and has joined the team on a weekly basis to construct the car. In the fun-packed, relaxing half term holiday, the team even found time to come to school and work on the car. Mrs Spruce provided pop and biscuits, for the workers of course!

Hello world!

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