New School Year 2017-18

After a very busy two days either training or preparing the staff were happy to fill their classrooms with eager children. The school was particularly inviting with freshly painted walls in the hall and across all of the KS1 classrooms and adjoining cloakrooms.

There had been a lot of hard work and creativity put into the reading areas and classroom walls to reflect the two topics. The rainforest topic especially lent itself to large tree and leaf  instillations complete with a rainforest soundtrack down one corridor. The whole purpose is to create a backdrop and to inspire the pupils to create “beautiful work” to fill it. Even More inspiration will be added when KS2 go to Leeds to see rainforest plans and animals. Watch wall spaces develop!

KS1 are studying a book about a meerkat looking for a new home. They will be learning about the creatures and will have the wonderful opportunity to see real Meerkats when they visit school for the day!

‘An ambitious and vibrant school where learning comes first.’

Press release Ofsted- 10th Jan 2016

‘I am so happy that my children come to this school’ are regular comments made my parents of the pupils who are part of Humberston Cloverfields Academy, which has been recently recognised as maintaining its good school status by OFSTED, as well as being a welcoming and inclusive place to learn.

OFSTED has confirmed that Humberston Cloverfields is a school that provides memorable learning for pupils within a ‘vibrant and practical curriculum’, balancing it with a rigorous approach in delivering the teaching of basic skills, thus ensuring that strong teacher subject knowledge ambitiously prepares pupils well for future careers.

In an ever-challenging climate for education, Carole Spruce, Principal, alongside governors and staff, has, with strong determination, successfully steered the school to being a place where children are cared deeply about, where pupils are well supported for their individual needs, are safe and are making good progress. The relentless drive and leadership of the school, in partnership with Enquire Learning Trust, has led to the quality of the teaching across the entire school to be consistently good or better.

The inspection highlighted the confidence in which pupils read and enjoy books, with the children keen to share their enjoyment of the school’s double decker ‘Reading Library Bus’. Pupils speak with excitement about how they are involved in book resourcing, saying that ‘most of the books are for you to enjoy and some are focused on improving your learning.’

Pupils’ attitudes to learning are excellent; they are enthusiastic about learning, demonstrate tolerance and respect and have a strong understanding of other faiths and beliefs. The culture of care for one another exists strongly across school, where children constantly look out for each other and are models of excellent behaviour.

Within Humberston Cloverfields, a raft of exciting strategies and opportunities support the pupils’ love of reading and the skills of reasoning and inference are having a successful impact across the entire school.

This school provides effective continuity and progression for all pupils, and children make at least good progress. Pupils clearly enjoy coming to school every day, valuing being part of the school community and are enthusiastic about school life. Through careful resourcing and the sharing of good practice, Humberston Cloverfields is a school that everyone considers to be a place full of ambition and fresh ideas, where everyone is encouraged to be seen achieving the school motto ‘Busy being our best.’

My favourite job of the year!


Helping the children decorate our Christmas tree. I have never seen a tree with so many baubles, each one carefully placed on. As well as an angel on the top we had a temporary visit from an “elf on the shelf.” We have two in school who pop up all over the place so we were not sure which one this was.

The tree is now ready for Christmas lunch on Tues and Weds and also the Christmas Fair. We also expect a visit from a special person in a red coat in the final week of term so I hope he approves of our tree!

Thank you to all parents who have donated for the fair. This term has been heavy on giving for our special child in school and children country wide and our pet charity Macmillian so thank you for digging deep to support of the Christmas Fair. The monies raised will be used to reduce the costs of school trips and events and for specialist equipment e.g. The new microphones and sound equipment for shows.

The finished tree, great job-


Thank you


There has been fantastic support from families since the year began.

Our fund raising day was well attended and raised over £500 for one of our families with a poorly child and over £700 for Macmillan- all in one day! Thank you to everyone who baked, donated and joined us on the day. The children all looked great in their Superhero costumes!

We were very impressed with the number of parents who attended the open evening, very close to 100%. The school is growing and we now have two year groups that are full so this is impacting on open evenings. People were very patient as staff were busy and it is always difficult to keep within the allotted times as staff never know what will emerge in the discussion that may need addressing. Next parents event will be two evenings to attempt to reduce waiting times.

Christmas is now on the horizon…….look out for our events letter.




The battle of the insects!

It has been an interesting few days attempting to find the source of all the wasps that are on our site. We found one nest in the small Reception playground so it was taped off for safety and the pest control man arrived and sorted it. However a few days later some more were seen. They has nested in the small tool shed near the raised planting bed- another visit by the pest control man. Finally, I hope, another nest has been discovered near the Nursey and will be dealt with on Monday. Let’s hope that’s the last of them. A few children have had nasty stings but we are lucky they did not swarm. Cooler weather may help to see them off!


Impressed with start to year 14-9-16

School is looking really good with smart classrooms that are amazingly tidy considering the number of staff that moved classrooms at the very end of term. New desks have been ordered which will complete the ” updated look”. The children have settled really well and there is a great atmosphere of concentrated learning. The individual pupils with difficulties are well supported and through consistency and patience they will be able to participate and make great progress. Teachers, already, through use of knowledge passed on from the last teacher, immediate interactions and pre testing are moving children on with their learning. Key aspects of the improvement plan which were launched on the training day and at the  out of school conferences, only a week ago, are clearly seen in classrooms e.g maths songs. The deep reading of books without words has been a revelation to me and powerfully shows the deeper understanding of the children. The use of apparatus to ensure deep learning of place value concepts has revealed that even some of our best mathematicians needed to underpin their understanding.

Staff generally are leading in lots of different ways and applying solution focused approaches to issues e.g. timetable tweaks that will have a direct positive impact on pupil outcomes, moving teaching assistant support to places where there is a greater need. All staff are working very hard and making the most of every minute of the day and the children are reaping the benefits of this dedication. Please see individual class blogs for more details. Picture is Mrs Atkin’s class gathering responses to the “blind ” tasting of sweets, a brilliant way to stimulate great writing language.