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Curriculum changes

Happy New Year to you and your family.

In November, we had two events in school: the work exhibition for parents and an Enquire Learning walk. Both were very successful but, in the case of the visit by the Enquire Learning Trust Director and staff from other Enquire schools, we had some developmental feedback that we want to share with you. The project- based learning was highly praised but the advice was to ensure that there is a much greater emphasis on the ‘powerful knowledge’ that children need in order to not only truly understand concepts, but also to enable them to apply the knowledge, offer informed explanations, make links and spot patterns. Crucially, if we do this, it will also provide them with the essential foundations for the next part of their educational journey and beyond.


To help meet this challenge, we are producing ‘Knowledge Organisers’ which are the ‘go-to’ documents outlining the essential knowledge that the teachers will be covering across a unit of work; these will includ dates, vocabulary, definitions, and other contextual or technical information. These ‘Knowledge Organisers’ will be shared with pupils, parents and carers – with the aim that everyone knows exactly what is being taught, and what the children need to learn.

Attached to this letter is the first  ‘Knowledge Organiser’ for your child’s year group.  Please feel free to use this as a reference guide for what your child is learning, and also, as an opportunity to discuss the facts about the topic and how much they have learned. It can also be used to see if they are able to start making links or offer explanations about the topic. Depending on the topic, some knowledge organisers will  be used for one week but some will continue for a full term. Further Organisers will be sent home to you at intervals. We will also be sending out multi-choice quizzes that you can do at home to help your child learn the key facts for the topic. From time to time just reading the Organiser together will help develop understanding and memory. Teachers will be using the facts in school as a basis to much wider and deeper work which will motivate the children.

At some point the children will be given time to revise the key facts and then a multi-choice quiz will be taken in school and the results will be shared with you. We will continue to do the much praised project based learning in partnership with our emphasis on key knowledge.


This term we will be celebrating the 50th Anniversay of our school building. The children will be investigating what school life was like, not only in Humberston County Infants, Humberston County Juniors and Cloverfields  Academy but the wider context of life in Great Britain in the 60s etc. If you were a student or teacher in any of the three schools, or have historical information on previous decades, please make contact. The learning will be much more powerful with pictures, artifacts or first- hand memories to share with the children. Everything will be carefully looked after.

Key dates for this term  (additional at a later date)

15th March- KS1 Exhibition Day

21st   March – KS2 Exhibition day

23rd March- Open day to public- 50th Annversay of the school building ( actual opening date 3rd April 1968)

29th March -Break up for Easter

Mrs Spruce

Author: Mrs Spruce

Principal at Humberston Cloverfields Academy

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