What are you reading at the moment? Which books do you want on the bus?


Currently, I am reading ‘Insurgent’ as part of the Divergent series. I keep comparing it to ‘The Hunger Games’ and I read the first book in one day! My son got me to read them and I know lots of children are hooked on them.

I am really excited as a new book dropped through my letterbox this morning that I ordered yesterday. It is called ‘The Boy at the Top of the Mountain’ by John Boyne, the author of ‘The Boy in Striped Pyjamas’. It is set  just before WW2 and is about an innocent boy who goes to live with his aunt in a house at the top of a mountain. However, the house is owned by Adolf Hitler…boy-at-the-top-of-the-mountain


This is a book for older readers – if it is suitable, I may buy it for the bus for the Year 6s only to read.

Are there any books that you want on the library bus that we haven’t already got? Are there any books that you wish we had more copies of?

Let me know…

Recommended reading lists for each year group

Please click on the links to see a list of suggested reading for each Year Group. These are guidance and you can choose ones from other lists depending on the reading ability of children.

It may be useful to search for some of the books on websites such as Amazon and Goodreads to help find out about the book and its content.

We have a lot of these books in school, either in classrooms, as Guided Reading books or on the library bus.



recommended-books-for-year-1 year-1

recommended-books-for-year-2 year-2








Book reviews winners May 2016

The winner of which class would have the most children writing a book review online is….Year 5 Leopards class.  Well done to those children who independently chose to write book reviews from home and post onto the library system.

The class gets extra playtime and an extra session on the bus.

An extra congratulations to Isabella who wrote a very detailed book review.