Football – should it be banned?


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The year 4’s have created the following survey for the pupils of Key Stage 2 to complete:

Jaguars, Pumas and Tigers will use the data from this when they write their balanced arguments in the coming weeks. Should football be banned in schools at playtime?



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This week we have been understanding and interpreting data in a graph. Our class created their own questions and asked the rest of the class to answer them. Can your child tell you what an axis is?

Next week we will be creating our own graphs.

What is a castle?


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This was our opening question this week and led to a great discussion about: when they were built, who may have lived in one, the purpose of a castle and the features of a castle.  We decided to research castles as there are two in our upcoming play. Today we have been gathering vocabulary that we can then use in our descriptive writing next week, it was great to see the children taking initiative and using the synonym buns to find higher level words to use and also using the higher level adjectives from in the desktop files…well done Puma Class, they used words such as desolate, picturesque, exquisite, enchanted, colossal…are you Ask your child if they can tell you what an ‘arrow loop’ is, or a ‘turret’.

Pumas’ Publish their Newspaper Reports!


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We have been busy this term finishing our newspapers reports. The photos include the early planning process, our checklist, our first draft, second draft, using ICT to create our final published article and of course a few examples of the finished printed version.


Ps well done Kaya for spotting the mistake on the poster you created for the working wall, which was included on the previous post. Can anyone else spot it? There was also one more mistake…

Don’t Freak Out About Fractions!


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The last 2 weeks we have been brushing up on our fractions, as soon as I mentioned the word fractions…the children began to panic, so that’s why we made up the phrase “Don’t freak out about fractions!”

We have been adding and subtracting fractions, finding equivalent fractions, finding a fraction of a shape or number, counting in tenths and hundredths, ordered fractions and changed fractions to decimals. Puma Class has learned so much…well done guys!

PS Can anyone spot the mistakes in the work?

What a busy week we have had…


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So this week we have watched KS1 perform their Christmas play, we also went to church for a carol service and some parents joined us too, then we had our disco. The disco was lots of fun and we got to play some really funny games and we danced  lot too. We watched the talent show and that was really entertaining, the acts ranged from comedians, balloon puppet making, skipping, singing, dancing, gymnastics, horse riding (no before you ask, we didn’t have a horse in school…we watched a DVD). To finish off the week we had juice and biscuits whilst watching a Christmas movie….we love Christmas in Puma Class.

KS2 enjoying the classical music by JS Quartet


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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas….


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Puma class have been busy preparing for Christmas and decorating our classroom.

Hot Seating….Drama in English…We love a bit of acting in Puma Class!


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image image image

Our new topic is based on a short animation called ‘The Lighthouse’. So far we have looked at photographs of the animation, made predictions, watched the clip, gathered vocabulary and created a word bank for our working wall, created story maps, discussed feelings and shown empathy towards the characters, created questions we would like to ask the Lighthouse Keeper and then we got into role and asked our questions to the man himself! We are moving on to planning and creating a newspaper article about the events that happened within the animation…watch this space!

Children in Need…


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image image image image image image image

Puma class were extremely excited this morning and are really looking forward to hot chocolate and cakes this afternoon whilst watching a movie. Here are some of our poster designs for Children in need, there’s some really eye-catching ones, wouldn’t you agree?