Formula One Project


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Since January, our topic has been Formula One. The whole class was split into teams of fours or fives. The focus of the project was to work collaboratively as a team to produce: a model f1 car, a verbal presentation, a portfolio and a pit display board.

All of the teams were very successful at achieving these aims and it was a very hard decision to select the three teams to go to the regional finals to represent the school. The following three teams were chosen: Thunder Boltz, Turbo Tornadoes & The Furious Four. All of the children who participated in the regional final performed brilliantly – a great day was enjoyed by all! Two teams were even lucky enough to make it through to the Jaguar Primary School Challenge National Final: Thunder Boltz and The Furious Four.

Both teams worked extremely hard in the run up to the national event and produced work or exceptionally high quality. They rebuilt their cars, added an extra three minutes to their verbal presentations and redesigned their pit displays all in the space of eight school days.

At 5:30am last Thursday, we set off to the National Final. It was a very exciting experience with lots to see and do. From the moment the teams arrived at the venue they were focussed and perfectly behaved. As 4:00 pm approached everyone was starting to become nervous as it was time to hear the results! We all agreed that whatever happened the teams had a lot to be proud of. The Furious Four finished in the top three for best verbal presentation and best research and development- an incredible achievement! Whilst Thunder Boltz scooped first place for Research and Development! The whole school is so proud of the teams and their achievements. Congratulations The Furious Four and Thunder Boltz- you are the engineers of the future!

JPSC 2017 UK National Final

So last week we hosted another great Jaguar Primary Schools Challenge National Final with lots of amazing teams taking part! Here's a snippet of the action from the day…To take part in JPSC next year register using the link below! #JLReducation

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Grimsby Institute Visit


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On Wednesday, we were lucky enough to visit the engineering department at Grimsby Institue. Mr Holness (one of our F1 sponsors) very kindly organised a day full of timed challenges and interesting expriences. We had a tour of the department, a health and safety challenge, an electric circuit challenge, a spark plug challenge and the chance to drive around the top gear track!

The children’s behaviour was superb throughout the day and they were a credit to Cloverfields. Four children particularly stood out, they were: Giorgio, Jasmine, Harry and Calum. Big well done to you four!

It was a wonderful experience and we were very lucky to be the first primary school to visit the department. Thank you so much to Mr Holness and his team- we certainly left feeling very inspired and I have a feeling you may be seeing some of the class when they turn sixteen!

Here are some photos of the day (more to follow soon)


Formula One Art


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This week we worked on improving our drawing skills. We watched a step by step video on how to draw an F1 car, however it was quite tricky! I was really impressed that the class kept going with their drawings despite some of the difficulties they faced. Here are some of the results (more to be added soon).

Useful websites to visit


Posted by mfairclough | Posted in Uncategorised | Posted on 17-02-2017  – times tables help – lots of great games to help consolidate learning


Have you got any other websites that you can recommend?


Our learning this week..


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In Panthers class, we have had a very busy final week of term. Some highlights have been finishing our science investigation on air resistance and surface area and performing poems in guided reading.


Our science investigation was linked with our F1 project. We wanted to see whether a parachute with  large surface area would fall to the ground quicker than a parachute with a smaller surface area. For this investigation, each table group made three different sized parachutes and timed how long it would take for them to reach the floor when dropped from ceiling height. We took great care to ensure our investigation would be fair- can you remember how we ensured that this would be a fair test?

The class discovered the larger the parachute, the longer it would take to reach the ground.


In guided reading, we compared two poems by Allan Ahlberg. The class thoroughly enjoyed listening to and performing ‘Please Mrs Butler’ and ‘Dog in the Playground’. We also compared the two poems, identifying a number of similarities: rhyme scheme, sense of chaos/disorder, set in school, narrative and humorous to listen to. The class were quick to point out that the way in which the poems were read had a big impact on how much the audience enjoyed the poem. Bearing this in mind, the children practised reading the poem focusing on their tone, intonation and volume. We will be performing the poems after half term to some of the younger classes.






Chocolate classroom!


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Have you ever imagined a classroom made entirely of chocolate? Well in our class we have been investigating how many chocolate bars we would need to completely fill our classroom- floor to ceiling!

I set the class the following task:

We started by making an estimate. Estimates ranged from 1,000 bars to 25,000,000,000 bars!

So then we set about finding a solution to the problem. We began by finding the area of the classroom floor; this was not a straight forward task! Almost straight away, the class realised that our classroom floor is not a rectangle, it is actually a rectilinear shape. To find the total area, we would have to split the room into two rectangles and add the two areas together. We proceeded to measure the room in metres, however we soon realised that to find the area we would need to multiply decimals by decimals (something we found quite tricky), however we were able to find a solution. We decided to convert the metres into centimetres.

After finding the area of the floor, we found the area of our galaxy bar. Next we needed to divide the total area by the area of the galaxy to work out how many bars we would need to completely cover the floor. Using factors we were able to divide a 6 digit number by one digit numbers using short division.

We then measured the height of he room and worked out how many layers of Galaxy bars we would need to reach the ceiling.

Here are some pictures of the children’s beautifully presented work, Miss Zeanah teaching long multiplication and some measuring.

I was really impressed with the children’s perseverance and determination to solve this problem! I think you will be quite surprised with the result…

As promised, the children were rewarded with some chocolate and I think they may have enjoyed eating it!

Can you work out how much it would cost to fill the room with chocolate?

We would need 3,185,000 bars and 4 bars cost £1.50.

Team points for anyone who manages to work it out😀

Maths mastery


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In maths this week, we have been working on measures. We started the topic by finding the perimeter of rectilinear shapes and then moved on to finding the area of rectangles. Some children managed to progress to solving problems that used the relationship between area and perimeter to find unknown lengths. I was particularly impressed with Brandon, Keira and Gabriel, who all showed a great level of determination to solve the problem below. Well done!


Please ensure the maths homework sheet (pictured below) is completed and handed in on Monday.


Times tables songs


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If you are looking for a new way to practise your times tables at home, you could have a go at one of these sing-a-long videos! One is quite fast, whilst the other is much slower. Enjoy!

Christmas disco and Viking battle!


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Today has been a day of contrast!


We started with the Christmas disco. The music was a mixture of Christmas classics and some of the children’s current favourites. Harry walked away champion of the dance off- go Harry!

Then this afternoon, we took part in a Viking battle! We started with our battle chant and then each class had to try and catch a flag from another class. The flags were held by the teachers, who were protected by lines of shields. It was great fun and our strategies had certainly improved by the third round!

I hope you are all looking forward tithe talent show tomorrow!

Since September…


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Since September, we have learnt so much and had so much fun! What have you enjoyed most this year so far? Here are a few photos and videos from our school year so far: