Long division

This week in maths we have been looking at formal calculation methods. We looked at long division right at the end of Year Five and this week we have been practising to try and improve our speed and accuracy.

I noticed that some children are comfortable with the process of long division but are struggling to find the multiples for large divisors. We discussed finding the tenth and fifth multiple and then filling in the gaps. Children may also find the video link below useful which focuses on doubling to find multiples.

If you want to do some extra practise at home, you could have a go at the following calculations (remember to really take your time finding the multiples):

  1. 2,345 ÷ 32=
  2. 6,493 ÷ 46=
  3. 7,323 ÷ 64=
  4. 5,883 ÷ 53=
  5. 8,973 ÷ 72=


Our Topic Trip to Tropical World

Last week we had a wonderful day at Tropical World, which we found to be very educational but also extremely enjoyable. The behaviour of all children was brilliant and they were very keen to absorb as much information as possible.

Following the trip, each child selected an animal of their choice to become an expert on. This will be our enquiry project for the next couple of weeks. The class have started to develop questions that they want to find the answers too and have also started to plan how they will present their findings.

Midnight Gang

Phoebe’s review of: Midnight Gang
Author: David Walliams
Genre: Fiction

Midnight Gang is about a group of children who are are taken to hospital for several different reasons. 4 of the 6 children are part of the gang; they often go on adventures at midnight and the new boy (Tom) wants to join in. The leader (Amber) tells him he is not allowed and the adventure unfolds…

I rate this boook: ***** and recommend this for 9-12 year olds.
I have not yet finished but I hope this book only gets better. 🙂