Last week we had a very busy week. We spent some time practising our nativity and finished off some of our Christmas craft. The children have all been brilliantly behaved to say that it is such an exciting and magical time of year. Talking of magical, we all went on a ‘trip’ to the North Pole via the Polar Express train. The children had a golden train ticket that was checked by the conductor of the train and while sitting in their Pjamas, they indulged in hot chocolate and watched how a train moves on it’s tracks. The writing and ideas the children have produced is amazing and we will carry on with this as a focus this week. Here are some pictures of the children’s adventures. 


This week we have looked at poetry in literacy and 2D shape in maths. We have also started our Christmas craft work and we are practicing  completeing listening games to improve the skill of listening to instructions. 


The children have had a lot of practical lessons this week. We have looked at fractions, including halves and quarters and the children have really enjoyed having the freedom to experiment. In literacy we have started to look at poetry. We have started reciting some poetry that is familiar and will continue to look at the aspects of a poem so that we are able to write our own. 

Last week, 6.11.17

The Year One children have shown how well they can behave through being so sensible with that start of out Christmas nativity rehearsals. We have been learning about multiplication this week and the children had the opportunity to get involved in practical arrays and grouping. We have also really focussed on sentence structure in literacy which will only make their writing better. 

First week of Autumn 2

The Year One children have all come back ready to learn and with good behaviour. Last week we looked at time and money in maths and will be moving onto multiplication and division this week. We have been looking at short stories and sentence structure in English, as well as, focusing on geography in our topic work. Most of the children are now able to recall all of the 7 continents and know the location of these continents on a world map. I am very happy with the progress being made, keep it up Year One! 

Week 6.

The children have really enjoyed working practically this week. We have looked at weight and capacity in maths and learnt about instructions in English. We made our own instructions on how to make a jam sandwich and them made them to show the children how instructions actually work.

5 weeks into Year One.

The children have settled in nicely to the first half term. Behaviour is a big topic we have covered this week due to some different ideas of what ‘play’ is. All children are starting to respond to our behaviour rules and I have seen some good progress regarding this subject.

Behaviour is dealt with in the same way for every pupil and includes: being on the sad face after a verbal warning and time out in class (for verbal/silly behaviour on the playground or in the classroom). If behaviour includes anything physical with another child or adult, children are sent straight to Mrs Steeper or  Mrs Spruce with a text home to parents (this includes play fighting).

I am aware that all parents received a text from school about library books not being returned. We were unable to get to the library bus this week but books will be changed on Friday when we visit the bus, therefore, the text does not apply this week.

The children did lots of learning last week, here are some pictures of the children learning practically: 

Week 4 in Year One.

The Year One children have produced some brilliant work this week. We have covered addition and subtraction using pictorial aids and number lines and the aspects of a postcard. We have been on an adventure to Africa, while acting as though we are Sunny the meerkat (role play) and have been on a nature walk to talk and experience our senses and collect natural objects for our meerkat art work.

The pictures below show the children enjoying the nature walk and completing our fantastic art work.