Year One begins here…

A great start to the new school year. Year One is such a big change for the children but they are all starting to settle in nicely.

My main aims are to make sure that all of the children are enjoying their learning and to make as much progress as possible while in Year One. We have spent the last few days getting to know each other, talking about our holidays and completing baseline tests in reading, maths and literacy so that learning can be personalised.

I’m looking forward to the rest of the year.

Hello world!

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A few quick tips before you delete this automated blog post:

  • Make sure your first post is an exciting and engaging one!
  • Ask your children what they think of the blog and what they would like to see on it. Act on their recommendations.
  • Make sure your blog demonstrates to your children how much you personally love learning. Your example will be powerful.
  • Celebrate your children’s achievements and consider them the primary audience for this blog.
  • Use hyperlinks to connect your children with content from other classes around your school, other websites and other schools around the globe.

Commit these tips to memory and then delete them. They will self-destruct anyway if this blog exhibits any signs of being boring.

This blog will be what you make it. Enjoy!