Our school

This week as part of our work on the local environment, we focused on our school.

We had a tour round the school of the different classes, offices and where the school meals are cooked.


We talked about the playground and what they would like to see. They made a plan and then used different materials to create swings, slides and climbing frames.


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This week we focused on butterflies.

Here are some of the activities we took part in and some of the creations we have made.

Making Play Doh bugs

Counting coins 2p, 5p and 10p

Making butterfly cakes

Nia made a bug

Following instructions

Assessing each other’s work

Caterpillar and butterfly collage

Writing about the butterfly life cycle

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Happy Father’s Day

This week as well as starting work on the butterfly life cycle, we have focused part of the week on Father’s Day. We hope you liked your cards and we also did a piece of writing all about our dads or grandads.

Below are a couple of pieces I chose to send to Mrs Spruce for good work.

Here are the cards we created.


Jake’s writing was very neat and well written.



Milla’s writing was all readable. Well done!



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This week we started a new topic on minibeasts.  Miss Wakefield brought in some tadpoles for us to look at.  We made frogs from paper plates as well as split pin frogs.

The children have enjoyed playing in the bug lab, sorting and labelling different mini beasts.  We painted frogs, wrote about the frog life cycle and finally read the story what the ladybird heard.

The children were very excitied as we practiced for sports day (on Monday 24th July)

Some children had a try of tapioca which they all thought looked like frog spawn .

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From our visit last week, we decided to focus on owls. We read the story of the owl who was afraid of the dark and also made a paper plate owl.  We had to follow a u shape pattern to create feathers.

We have really enjoyed the sunny weather, playing with the sand and water.


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Rushmoor visit

The children had an enjoyable and memorable first school trip. Even the conditions didn’t stop the children from learning lots about a range of different animals. I was really proud of how many children were brave enough to hold the barn owl. We got to bottle feed lambs and hold a range of small animals.

Here are a selection of photos from the day.


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We will rock you!

This week as part of their work in music, the children got chance to play the school drum kit. An older child had shown them the different drums and cymbals. They then had a try themselves. Hopefully when they are older we might have a famous drummer!!


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Keeping Healthy

This week we continued the theme of healthy me. The children took part in a mini olympics, using a timer to see who could run the fastest and measuring how far we could jump.

We created our own healthy sandwiches and then wrote instructions of how to make them.

Thank you to everyone who completed the sleep survey. We used the information to find out what the most popular sleep patterns were and what was average sleep time of children in our class.




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I would like to say a big thank you for all your support this term.  I am sure that you will agree that the children’s progress have been tremendous this term.  They have worked hard on learning their tricky words and double sounds and this is evident in their reading and writing.

Below are a few examples of the progress the children have made in writing since September.




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Number bonds to 10

We had real fun this week making flipper flappers to help us recall our number bonds to 10.

We had to follow carefully the instructions on how to make them.

When they were finished we played with them, testing each other’s knowledge of number bonds.

The children were allowed to take them home so they could test their families.

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