Handa’s Surprise

Counting fruits
Counting objects
Finger painting fruits
Initial sounds of fruits
Fruit kebabs
Fruit kebabs
Fruit kebabs

Sorting objects by initial sound
Counting objects

We have had a fruit themed week in reception this week.

We have begun to use our work in phonics to write initial and medial sounds in different fruits.

The fruit kebabs we made on Wednesday were delicious and the children showed some great cutting skills.

This week we have been doing lots of different counting activities and learning to form letters p,i and n.

We explored using finger painting to create different effects.



Getting settled

Well we have all finished our first full week at school, it has flown.

The children have been really keen to learn new sounds s,a and t and some children are beginning to read words such as cat, sat and tag.

We have read the story Handa’s Surprise and have made baskets just like hers.

The fruit and vegetable shop that was set up in the classroom was heavily used this week, choosing fruit, paying and packing.

Dressing up as pirates
Letter writing
Letter writing
Matching objects to numerals
Basket weaving
Talking about Handa’s surprise
Fruit shop
Making letters with Play doh
Letter formation

Shopping in the fruit and vegetable shop