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Collaborative Maths Project

Well we have finally completed our Sierpinski Pyramid!

We have all been working on this, drawing, cutting and constructing and now it is on display. We may  continue and make it even bigger!

Some questions for you:

How many tetrahedrons in total?

How many faces in total?

How many vertices in total?

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We have been picked by Mrs Giles to enter another writing competition! This time we have to write a 100 word saga about a crazy creature! The idea was met with lots of enthusiasm by all. We started today by creating our own crazy creatures and describing them to our working partners, we then drew them and named them. Everyone is very excited but concerned about how to restrict their ideas to 100 words!

Working collaboratively to discuss our creatures.


What an end to the week! All the hard work paid off this week with 4 wonderful performances of What A Knight! I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. I think I can speak for all of the Year 3/4 team when I say how proud we are of all the children for the effort and enthusiasm they put into every performance. Thursday night was AMAZING!!!

Well done everyone!

Here are just a few memories.

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We have looked to Ancient Egypt for our maths! Our maths topic is shape and using nets we are constructing a Sierpinski pyramid. Like the Egyptians we have worked as a team, while precision is key otherwise the structure will not hold. Quality control individuals ensure that each individual tetrahedron is constructed correctly before it is included in the larger model and peer critique has enabled a number of children build on, and improve, key skills of drawing, colouring, cutting and glueing.

The pyramid is growing but just like the Egyptians it is taking time !


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On Tuesday, the children met the BFP – Big Friendly Poet. He introduced a poetry writing competition which all of the Year 4’s will be entering. The poetry theme is dreams and they were introduced to 4 techniques that can be used whilst writing poems.


  (Twintuition! Independently Declan and Caelan chose very similar sentences to write for one of the activities.)

After practising these techniques the children then had to decide which style of poem they wished to write and what their dream will be about. The class favourite appears to be Unicorns!

After lunch they continued with their idea gathering and several children started their first drafts. We will continue with this next Tuesday ready to post all 36 poems to be published and entered into the competition.

Next week I shall post more information about the competition entry and the chance for all of the children to be published in an actual poetry compilation book. In the meantime please find the link below to the BFP video, if any of the children wish to recap on this at home. Many were eager to take their poems home to work on!

Good Luck Year 4!

Mrs White

Since returning after Easter, most of our time has been spent rehearsing for our play- hope you have ordered your tickets!

However, we have made a start on our new topic – Ancient Egypt. Our new reading corner has proved to be popular too with information available for research.

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Year 4 were asked by Alderlea Care Home if some of the children would like to attend a music and dance activity session with some of their dementia residents. The aim would be to encourage the residents to join in the fun and to hopefully see them smile and laugh. As you can imagine, the overwhelming response was “yes please!” Eight children were chosen from a hat and all were very excited.

The session was fun and exciting: as you can see from the pictures, they did make the residents smile and laugh and some did join in with them. Everyone would like to repeat the experience and hopefully we will do so soon.

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We have been focusing on creating beautiful work in all subjects this week. The aim is to work on presentation and ensure that all work is completed to a high standard with care taken over handwriting and presentation as well as content.

This week, Erin and Caelan have created beautiful work in maths. Erin has produced work of a high standard and Caelan has worked very hard to improve his presentation and writing of numbers to create his beautiful work.

Erin’s work

Caelan’s work


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Every Wednesday afternoon in Year 4 we have 30 minutes in which to ‘show off’. During this time the children take turns to either:

.read stories or poems they have written to the the rest of the class.

.involve the class in capital cities quizzes they have created.

.involve the class in other quizzes or PowerPoint competitions they have created.

.involve the class in plays they have written for the rest to perform.

.or bring in additional topic based or subject based homework or resources they have found or created to show to the rest of the class.

The sessions are enjoyed by all, so much so that in order to get through the ever growing weekly list of eager participants, all candidates are given a 3 minute time limit which the rest of the class ensure is strictly adhered to!

Here are some snap shots of today’s entertainment!

Today Year 4 experienced what it was like to perform poetry to an audience! They all showed real courage and confidence and expressed themselves extremely well. Well done Tigers!


Mrs White

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