Project based learning.

Next week we move into the final few days before our exhibition on Thursday 23rd.

The whole class are working extremely hard for this and we hope to have as many visitors as possible. This week we have been putting the final creative touches to our work and had a lot of fun. The groups have also started to plan how they will show their learning journey and present their work. All groups have come up with some very inventive ideas! It will all be very exciting.

In other areas we have been looking at perimeter in maths and finding quick ways to calculate the perimeter of regular shapes and symmetrical shapes.

in English we are continuing to write our balanced argument about deforestation. The children have really impressed me with how quickly they have grasped the features and structure of this type of writing. I hope to show some finished work shortly.

Macmillan afternoon

We have come to the end of another busy week where the focus across all subjects has been presentation. We have also been investigating leafcutter ants as part of our topic on Rainforests. The class have been amazed at some of the interesting facts we have discovered.

The week ended with our Macmillan coffee afternoon and once again I was very proud of the class as they served drinks and cakes efficiently and politely. The afternoon was extremely busy and I would like to thank everyone who attended and everyone for there donations of cakes and prizes for the tombola. As a result of all this support we raised the grand total of £635.83. Well done!

Pictures from the afternoon:


Well we have reached the end of our first full week and what a busy and exciting week it has been!

Everyone has settled back into school with a positive attitude and full of knowledge and interest around our new topic – The Rainforest. Thank you for all your support with holiday homework, the children have worked hard and been very creative.

At the start of the week we had our trip to Leeds to Tropical World and the parks. Everyone was well behaved and fortunately we managed to dodge most of the heavy rain! Here are a few pictures from the day:

We have also been playing games to revise spelling patterns, we had lots of fun!

As an added bonus, on Friday the class were awarded the trophy for best whole class attendance for the week! We only had 1 child off for 1 day! Next week we are aiming for 100% attendance, I’m sure we can achieve this.