The Environment-Our School
Monday July 03rd 2017, 8:14 pm
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In groups the children looked at lots of different photographs of our school. They discussed which parts of the school they like the most and which parts they aren’t so keen on and gave explanations for their answers. They each told me what they thought would make the school a better place.

The library bus is Alfie’s favourite place because he enjoys reading books, Amelia likes the hall because she enjoys taking part in P E and eating her lunch in there.

Charlie isn’t keen on the top playground because there isn’ t as much to do on there like the field, Isla says the entrance doesn’t have any toys to play with so she isn’t keen on being there.

Harry would like a few jacuzzi ‘s for school,  Lola would like more flowers near our play area and Rosie would like a room with settees and a tv for children who get tired and need to relax!

In teams the children made a plan of the school using various construction materials.

Towards the end of the week some children had a go at making 3D playground equipment. This was a difficult task to join materials and make them stand up.



The Lifecycle Of A Butterfly
Sunday June 25th 2017, 9:12 pm
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The focus this week was mainly about butterflies. The children looked at some pictures of butterflies and using pencils drew pictures of them, trying to get the correct shape and pattern. Some of the drawings were superb for such young children and the concentration from some showed such maturity at a young age.

Butterflies have symmetrical wings so we painted patterns on half a paper and folded the other half on top to make both sides the same. Mrs Shaw took a photo of every child standing like a butterfly and we put the two together to make individual butterflies. These were stuck onto the garden pictures that were painted alongside the caterpillars from last week.



To finish the week the children learnt a poem about The Lifecycle of a butterfly and in groups made some actions to go with it. They then acted out the poem to the rest of the class.


The lifecycle of a butterfly
Wednesday June 21st 2017, 8:35 pm
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The week began with the story The Hungry Caterpillar, who ate and ate and got very fat(the middle of the story where we all laughed).

We used our fine motor skills to colour and cut out two caterpillars which are going to live in our garden pictures that are going to be painted next week.

Using different shaped pasta we made repeating patterns of the lifecycle- egg, caterpillar, cocoon, butterfly.


On Tuesday afternoon we went up on the hill on a minibeast hunt. In the trees and bushes we found spiders, wood lice and ants.

There were some super recounts of The Hungry Caterpillar story, the children’s favourite parts. Most of the class liked the beautiful butterfly at the end.

The rest of the week was spent making a special gift for Fathers Day. I hope all the special men who received them loved their monster hugs!


Sunday June 11th 2017, 3:43 pm
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This half terms topic is based on The Environment.

This week we looked at some tadpoles and talked about the lifecycle of a frog.The children showed a great interest in this topic and produced some great writing. They were able to write the 4 stages of the lifecycle- frogspawn, tadpole, froglet, frog, some in sentences, others adding labels to their pictures.

Throughout the week they had various activities to do ; count how many flies the frog could catch, help the frog eat the flies, decorate a frog picture using various media and make paper plate jumping frogs.



In Maths the focus was on using the correct language when talking about distance. In groups we measured distances between lily pads by jumping from one to the other like frogs. Some were far away, others were nearer to each other.

Next week we will be looking at The lifecycle of a butterfly, concentrating on caterpillars first then butterflies the following week( not forgetting it is also a special day for Dads).

Sunday May 21st 2017, 7:52 pm
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This week we had a visit from Bobby the budgie.He was very popular, the children loved listening to him talk.

Our pet homes were finished and each pair of children were pleased with the finished result.  

The highlight of our week was the trip to Rushmoor Country Park. Even though it rained all day the class still got to feed all the animals, stroke the rabbit, guinea pig and tortoise and hold the barn owl. It was a great day out, including the coach breaking down for a little while!




Monday May 15th 2017, 7:22 pm
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Most of the class have at least one pet. Cats and dogs are the most popular. We talked about looking after our pets and what they needed to live a happy life like us.

In pairs the children designed a pet home and then created it together using junk modelling materials.


Mrs Drant brought her guinea pig Tilly to see us and Miss Johnson brought her rabbit Teddy too. Tilly escaped the circle a few times and had to be rescued but Teddy stayed in the circle and enjoyed being stroked by all the children.



The children wrote their own books on how to look after a pet. They were brilliant authored and illustrators.



Healthy Me week.
Saturday April 29th 2017, 2:56 pm
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We are talking about ways to keep healthy during the next 2 weeks. We started the topic by talking about healthy food- foods that we should eat a lot of, foods that we should have less.

The children planted some cress. They had to read the instructions first and add the correct picture to match it so they could follow how to make the cress. We will be making sandwiches with it next week if  it grows.


In the classroom we have a Fruit and Vegetable shop to play in. With some of the different vegetables the children have been making Mr Potato head or dragons/ monsters and have used the fruit and vegetables to make pictures. The only things the children couldn’t name were courgettes and spinach.

Next week we are making a collage healthy meal and making healthy sandwiches so we can taste the cress.

Easter week
Sunday April 09th 2017, 8:36 pm
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This week the children have been taking part in Easter activities. They had a story all about Easter and in turn told the class how they celebrated Easter at home. Each child coloured and cut out a basket to carry home a chocolate nest which they made on Wednesday with shredded wheat and chocolate. Throughout the week they made an Easter card which involved rolling marbles in paint, snipping tissue paper grass, making a basket design using a ruler and making a little collage Easter bunny- the outcome was a basket of eggs for the Easter bunny to hide card.


The end of the week was a fun time. Thursday we had an Easter egg hunt and Friday we had a music concert in the morning and the Mad Hatters Tea Party fundraising afternoon at 2 pm. Another great end to a busy week.



Topic- Growing
Sunday April 02nd 2017, 10:14 pm
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This weeks topic enabled us to look at the changes in the Seasons. The children painted pictures of Spring flowers. The flowers are displayed in the corridor.

In literacy we learnt the lifecycle of a sunflower and wrote about the four stages in the cycle.

In maths we had some problems to solve, sharing things between 2,3 or 4 people and halving numbers .


We made a cake plant pot with icing flowers on Wednesday. We got to eat the cake at home time.



Secret week!
Friday March 24th 2017, 12:41 pm
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The children have been busy this week preparing for a special day on Sunday. Surprises will be in book bags.

The build- up to the class assembly was writing about our Mums and learning some songs to sing to them. If you wish to see the video of the class assembly it is on Miss Wakefields blog.

In our maths lessons  we have been washing pots like our Mums and comparing how much water can fit in each container.Some children’s containers carried less than others, some children’s carried more.

Our week ended with Red Nose Day. After watching videos about children in Africa we realised how lucky we are!