Persuading our Principal…

We are delighted to share our amazing news. After reading our persuasive letters to Mrs Spruce to persuade her that Y6 should have a Common Room – she was so impressed and moved by the arguments put forward that she has pledged a space and initial finance to set us up in our very own, pioneering Y6 “Summer House”common room after the Easter Holidays.

Children crafted some of their best writing yet, employing the full range of features of persuasive writing. Use of evidence based on up-to-date research about childrens’ mental health and well-being and some very emotive use of anecdotal language really did manage to convince our Principal to support this project. We are now set the task of organising the logistics of the set up and running of this special Y6 space under pressure of a deadline. Naturally, Cougars class will relish this challenge!

Peer Critique

During  discussion about how we give feedback to our peers to help them to develop their work, Cougars class decided they would like to build upon their existing skills by being more specific in their kind, helpful suggestions for improvement. Trialling new, custom-made post- it notes, we had a go and children were delighted with the results. Drafting was purposeful, specific and more efficient once children had received their feedback using the “peer critique” strategy which provided a script to support less confident children.

Talented writers and analysis

Today, Charlie and Alyas came to show me their balanced argument writing in their Publishing books. I was very impressed that they had achieved three stars on their rubric. The boys could tell me the phrases that they had chosen and used for the first time, such as contrary to this and what is more.

I gave the boys the challenge of moderating their writing against a Year 6 piece of  writing in my class. I think they did a fantastic job – they showed good understanding and were really focused.   Well done!

by Mrs Steeper