Before learning lots about meerkats, we have focused on ourselves. We have carefully created self-portraits using paint and brushes of different thicknesses.  We also used an ICT program on 2Simple to draw ourselves.

Then we focused on our bodies. In topic teams, we drew around one person then labelled as many parts as we could name.  It was surprising how many parts we knew!

In our writing sessions we wrote questions about ourselves and gave three answers – one correct and two incorrect. It was fun asking our friends to guess the right answers.

A great start to Year Two

All the children have made a fantastic start and are settling well.  We have shared our holidays with each other and then wrote about them followed by telling our friends what we liked about their work. We have also completed several baseline tests in reading, spelling and maths so that we can hit the ground running next week as we know exactly what the children need to learn next.

Here are some pictures of the children during our first writing session.