Collaborative learning

Since the beginning of the new term, the class has worked hard to work together to learn and create products linked to the topic of ‘Rainforests’. Bringing together children from two different classes can sometimes be a challenge so we have been working as teams and with new learning  partners every week. 

They have created a world map as a team showing the different biomes and are currently growing rainforests on the map after sowing cress on moistened cotton wool.


These are some of the rainforests in boxes the class created over the holidays – a lot of hard work went into them. Thank you. The children want to create the different layers of the rainforests, with added written information and QR codes, in stacks of boxes so are taking inspiration from the holiday challenges. We will be learning about life cycles of the different animals and looking at adaptation.


An inspiring visit to Tropical World

The children had a great time at Tropical World in Leeds. They really developed a great understanding of the humid climate, with us all getting hotter and hotter. We learned a lot about the different creatures and plants, and had a brilliant time spotting birds lurking amongst the forest floor and canopy layer, with giant snails hanging off the underside of leaves and waterfalls pouring into pools filled with fish. Butterflies of all sizes flew close to us and even landed on some of us.

The trip has inspired us to discover more – the class are busy working in design teams to create ways to recreate the plants and creatures as 3D models in our cloakroom plus summing up the trip in tweets.

We will be focusing on the layers of the rainforest and become experts on particular animals to be found there, looking at adaptation and life cycles.

Here are just some of the photos – more will be to view soon in the classroom and cloakroom.