Reasoning in Maths and Reading

This week, the class have really worked hard on proving that they can reason in order to solve problems. In Maths, we have looked at calculating perimeters of shapes with missing measurements plus calculating missing measurements when the perimeter is known.

Mia used formal division method to calculate and check.
Finley used his skills of mentally halving numbers to calculate the answers.

In our reading sessions, we have looked at improving responses to inferential questions (reading between the lines) and how to write a clear answer using quotes and evidence from the text to support opinions. These are called PEE responses.  They have had to complete their tasks against the clock.

Beth explained her opinions using evidence from the text.
Abigail responded using the PEE technique, supporting her point of argument with evidence and further explanation.

There is still a lot of work to do to really refine and link our explanations to the real world, but the children are getting much better at using textual evidence.

Author: Mrs Steeper

Deputy Principal, Teacher KS2

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