Money in Maths

In maths this week, we have been learning about money. The children have identified the different amounts in coins and added different amounts of money as well. Towards the end of the week, they looked at true or false statements and had to explain to their partner their reasoning for their answer.  This is an example below of some of the questions.


Telling The Time – Daily Timetable

This week the children have been learninga bout time. They have looked at quarter to, quarter past, half past and telling the time to the nearest five minutes.  At the end of the week, in groups of 4, the children made a daily timetable of a school day. Starting from the time they woke up, to going to school, to going to bed at night. They drew a picture of the activity they were doing, the time on a analogue clock and the time in words. The best team for their co-operation and teamwork throughout the task were Ollie, Basmah, Indie and Lexi’s group. Well done to you!


The Tunnel

This week the children have been reading The Tunnel by Anthony Browne. We have looked at comparing the two main characters in the book, writing in first person, discussing an important dilemma in the story,  as well as starting to draw and paint the book cover. Below are some pictures from the learning sequence so far.



Well done to Danielle this week in literacy for her independent riddle. She used her rubrics to add in capital letters, full stops and connectives. Can you guess what animal she is writing about?


Literacy Riddles!

In literacy we have begun working on riddles. The children in the first lesson looked at some examples together and then they were given an object/thing to write about as a group table.

Can you work the classes first go at a riddle?

What Am I?

I look like a telephone
I have smooth skin
You can find me in a market
I am yellow and curved shape
I feel like leather on the outside but sloppy on the inside!

What am I?



This week we have been learning about statistics in maths. We looked at bar graphs and learnt about what they mean and also converted data in to a tally chart. As well as that, we completed our own tally chart after tasting a range of different flavour crisps to see which one was our favourite. Once we collected the data, we made a bar chart to represent it.  Here are some of the pictures below.