Rainforest Animal Poems

Last week in Puma Class, the children started planning their rainforest animal poems for the Class Project.

In their project teams, the children decided which animal to focus on.  Once this was decided, they had to think of as many words to describe what the animal looks like, sounds like, powerful verbs and how it feels. The children worked fantastically well to put together a colourful plan, ready to create sentences next week.

Look for the finished poems on our blog next week!



This Week In Puma Class

This week we have been learning different ways to multiply and divide, as well as working really hard on our times tables. The children have been having a Times Table Test on a Friday to see if they have progressed from the week before.  Please practice at home!

In literacy, we have been re-writing the story ‘The Dreamgiver’. We have concentrated on a setting description to start the story and introducing the creature. Next week, we will continue writing, with the class focusing on fronted adverbials in our writing. Keep a look out on the class blog next week for the finished piece.

In our topic ‘Rainforests’, we have dissected a flower to look closely at all the different parts. The children created a flower diagram to label the parts and next week we will look at learning what each part of the flower does.

Well done to Charley this week for winning the Pupil of the Week for her fantastic behaviour and brilliant attitude to learning.


Fantastic Rainforest Homework

A huge well done to the children in Puma class who put in a great amount of effort of their own time to produce some homework for our Rainforest Topic.
There was some brilliant shoeboxes that were made into rainforest scenes and we had a real insight into some childrens’ summer and what they got up to. As well as that, others found out some brilliant facts about rainforest animals.
Fantastic work, well done!

Our Trip to Tropical World

Last week we went on a trip to Tropical World in Leeds. The children were extremely well behaved and a credit to the school and parents. Throughout the day, the children learnt facts about a range of animals and explored different areas of the rainforest.  The experience gave the class a great insight into the climate of the rainforest and the animals’ habitats they have to survive in. Here are some pictures below.


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