Lunch Time Visits – May 2017

Last week as part of transition the children had lunch several times across at the primary school hall. Mrs Curtis introduced herself and showed the children the process of lining up, getting a tray, taking lunch to a table and how and where to put dirty trays and cutlery.  She praised the children for their good behaviour and not even making a mess as we seem to at nursery. The children all said they liked lunch at big school.

May 2017

This short half term we have focussed on maths development engaging in sorting, touching and counting, guessing, estimating and checking, matching numbers to quantity and recognising numbers.

As the weather has improved we the children have been choosing to spend more time outdoors……..they have loved the bubbles!

After half term we are changing our book area into a reading garden so the children have been observing buttercups and daisies in our garden and on the field. We have started to make paper plate flowers to add to the reading garden. (Understanding the world development). So much more to observe and enjoy during the summer months.

May 2017



Understanding the world : The World

30-50 months – Can talk about things they have observed such as  plants,  animals,  natural and found objects.

Developing an understanding of growth, decay and changes over time.

Congratulations !  At nursery a certificate was given to celebrate giving up a dummy to the Easter bunny over the Easter holidays.



31st March 2017

Characteristics of Effective Learning – Active Learning – Motivation

  • Being involved and concentrating
  • Maintaining focus on their activity for a period of time
  • Not easily distracted
  • Paying attention to details
  • Keeping on trying
  • Persisting with activity when challenges occur
  • Enjoying achieving what they set out to do
  • Showing satisfaction in meeting their own goals
  • Being proud of how they accomplished something – not just the end result


March 2017

Literacy Development – 22-36 months- Has some favourite stories.

30-months- Describes main story settings, events and principal characters.

The children have all been invited to bring in their favourite book to share and recall the story at nursery. Some great books have been brought in and many children have been able to tell the story, whereas some have turned the pages and talked about the pictures.


March 2017

Our four new friends are settling at Nursery well,  exploring and becoming familiar with staff and peers.  The other children are already asking our new friends their  names and inviting them to play.

As our newly adapted area is now a ‘mud kitchen’ the children are role playing baking for a party, planting seeds to grow flowers etc. The area is providing opportunities for the children to work together, digging, filling and carrying barrows and trugs.



February 2017

As part of our focus on rhyming this half term we have all learnt a new rhyme as this has supported the children’s speech and language.  One of our activities was to take turns within a group and tap out two rhyming words.  We are so pleased with how many children have acquired rhyming skills.

As part of learning our new rhyme ……..   Zoom Zoom we’re going to the moon, Zoom Zoom we’re going very soon,  5 4 3 2 1 Zoooooooooom, the children enjoyed an astronaut dice board game.

Another new friend has started this week and has been exploring activities and becoming familiar with our routine.

This week has seen the completion  of  the adaptation of our new wooded area by Unibuild,  big thank you to EoN for the donation we have wisely spent.





Library Visit – January 2017

This week we all walked to our local library within The Gingerbread House,  the children pointed out the horses in the field and the mini road sweeper, showing interest in their environment.  The children were very well behaved whilst on the walk and in the library.   They all chose books to look at freely then Melanie read two stories to the children.  To coincide with our library visit the children have been engaging in library role play focusing on rhyming books and stories.

Our Focus this week has been physical and maths development.  We observed,  supported and noted shape recognition and scissor skills with our new children and developing skills with the rest of the children.