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2nd November, 2017

School Meals

Please can we remind parents that all school meals need to be ordered online via Parentpay at least one week before.

Unfortunately, unless meals are ordered for your child, we cannot guarantee them a hot meal on the day and you may be called to bring in a packed lunch.

If your child is in Reception, year 1 & 2, they are entitled to a free school meal through the Government’s Universal Free School Meal scheme.  If you haven’t ordered any meals yet and would like your child to receive a meal, please contact the school office.

We are now offering the sandwich option as a Grab Bag, consisting of a bun/sandwich, pots of fruit/vegetables, traybake etc.  In the Summer this can be particularly beneficial if your child wants to eat their lunch outside with other children who are having their packed lunch.

Flu Sessions

Just a reminder that the Flu sessions for children in Reception, Year 1, 2, 3 & 4 are taking place on Thursday 16th November, 2017.



For upcoming events and previous events, please look at the school newsletter below.

Newsletter Autumn 2017 2nd edition PDF

Newsletter Autumn 2017 PDF


Parent Letter Summer 1 – 2017


Parent Letter Autumn 2-2016




Five members of our choir took part in Signfest at the weekend, a music festival organised by Signhills Academy, Cleethorpes.

It was lovely to see our choir members singing with the choirs from Welholme Academy and Signhills Academy.  We look forward to future collaborations.



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