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Miss Wakefield wrote: Frogs
This week we started a new topic on minibeasts.  Miss Wakefield brought in some tadpoles for us to look at.  We made frogs from paper plates as well as split pin frogs. The children have enjoyed playing in the bug lab, sorting and labelling diff (More)
Miss Wakefield wrote: Owls
From our visit last week, we decided to focus on owls. We read the story of the owl who was afraid of the dark and also made a paper plate owl.  We had to follow a u shape pattern to create feathers. We have really enjoyed the sunny weather, play (More)
Miss Wakefield wrote: Full of beans !
We started our last traditional story this week, Jack and the Beanstalk. We planted a bean, created our own dances based on the story and tried different types of beans. We had some children who tried broad beans and butter beans for the first time.& (More)
Miss Wakefield wrote: A busy week!
Here is a mixture of lots of the activities we have been getting up to this week. The children are enjoying using the apparatus in P.E. and practising their throwing technique. They have enjoyed retelling the story of Goldilocks and the three bears (More)
Miss Wakefield wrote: Superheroes
We created superheroes in class over the last two weeks. We designed and painted outfits. We made superhero capes and masks.  They took a lot of work as they are the same size as us. We are going to display them down the corridor, so we look lik (More)
Miss Wakefield wrote: Learning journey
Just to catch up with our learning journey over the last few weeks.  We have covered lots of areas of learning. (More)
Miss Wakefield wrote: Fireworks
We have being doing lots of work this week around the celebrations of Diwali and Bonfire night. We opened a firework shop in our role play area, made burgers and hot dogs, as well as painting firework night pictures.  We used the laptops to crea (More)
Miss Wakefield wrote: Autumn
We finished the term with activities linked to Autumn. After looking at spiders last week, the children were keen to investigate what happens in Autumn.  We went on a walk around school and found seeds and lots of different coloured leaves.  We mad (More)
Miss Wakefield wrote: Our learning journey
What a busy first few weeks we have had in Miss Wakefield's class.  We started our superheroes topic by looking at everyday heroes. As you can see from our board we have covered a whole range of areas and had lots of fun along the way.   O (More)
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