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Mrs Holness wrote: St Paul's Cathedral collage
During our topic sessions, our focus this week has been St Paul's Cathedral, which was badly damaged during the Great Fire of London.  The children were each given a small section from a picture of the Cathedral and had to look carefully to create (More)
Our final week of this term was extremely busy, as usual. In preparation for their final writing assessments, the children were busy drafting, re-drafting and publishing three pieces of writing so they were encouraged to take lots of hand breaks and (More)
Y6 tackled the challenge of SATs really well and now they are really focusing on their writing. Thus week they have drafted, edited and peer-critiqued a diary recount based upon the short animation film 'Kiwi'.  They also made notes about kiwis so t (More)
Mrs Steeper wrote: A visitor to class...
We have an additional class member this week. A gorilla, who likes to read books and look after the protractors, arrived in our book corner on Tuesday. He has no name at the moment so we need suggestions. [caption id="attachment_501" align="alignn (More)
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