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Atkin wrote:
Collaborative Maths Project Well we have finally completed our Sierpinski Pyramid! We have all been working on this, drawing, cutting and constructing and now it is on display. We may  continue and make it even bigger! Some questions for yo (More)
Mrs Holness wrote: Telling the time
Learning to tell the time is an important but difficult skill to master.  To make it more interactive, this week the children have had to work in pairs and teams to find clocks that have been pinned up around the field.  After reading the cloc (More)
Mrs Holness wrote: Maths - column addition
As part of our post-SATs work and in preparation for Year Three, we have been learning to use use formal methods in addition (column addition). Due to the extensive work we have already done on number line, the children were able to understand the me (More)
Over the last week or so, the class have been busy learning lines for the play, singing the songs in fine voice and taking part in Bikeability. We have also judged the mould garden competition. Some rather spectacular and rather smelly mound has b (More)
Mrs Steeper wrote: Maths challenge
Well done to the Y6 Team, made up of Charlotte, Dylan, Harrison and Oliver, for making it through to the final of the Junior Maths Challenge. They worked really hard to solve lots of tricky reasoning questions in two rounds of 20 minutes and were a (More)
Atkin wrote: Maths
We have looked to Ancient Egypt for our maths! Our maths topic is shape and using nets we are constructing a Sierpinski pyramid. Like the Egyptians we have worked as a team, while precision is key otherwise the structure will not hold. Quality contro (More)
On Tuesday afternoon, we began our Great Fire of London topic in the same way that the Fire actually started - we baked bread.  We followed the recipe carefully and measuring our ingredients accurately using the weighing scales.  Then we followed s (More)
The final week before Easter saw a variety of learning experiences for all in class.  To help with ratio, and linked with the bar method and concrete, pictorial and application of Maths, we used an app on the IPads to solve ratio questions. Everyone (More)
Atkin wrote: Beautiful Work.
We have been focusing on creating beautiful work in all subjects this week. The aim is to work on presentation and ensure that all work is completed to a high standard with care taken over handwriting and presentation as well as content. This week (More)
I'm really proud of the progress children have made with fractions in maths this week. It is a tricky concept to understand and they have really worked hard. Well done everyone! (More)
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