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Mrs Holness wrote:
This week in maths we have been learning about addition. We began by adding a multiple of 10 to a two digit number then moved on to adding a one digit number to a two digit number and finally adding to 2 digit numbers together.  We used practica (More)
Next week we move into the final few days before our exhibition on Thursday 23rd. The whole class are working extremely hard for this and we hope to have as many visitors as possible. This week we have been putting the final creative touches to ou (More)
Mrs Holness wrote: Future learning
https://youtu.be/Oaq3gzswei0 As part of the English curriculum, children must be able to recite poetry.  After looking at various poems and authors in preparation for next week's learning, 'Don't' by Michael Rosen was a firm favourite.  By the e (More)
Mrs Holness wrote: Multiplication
This week we have been working on our 2,5 and 10 times tables through a variety of activities.  Some of us have also moved on to 3s and 4s! We are making good progress but any practise at home would really help consolidate our learning. Counting i (More)
Using counters and drawing arrays exposed a few misconceptions which we were able to iron out today in Maths.....     (More)
Mrs Holness wrote: Measuring mass
In maths this week we are learning about measures and have been focusing on mass.  We compared the masses of different objects, weighed parcels to be sent to the meerkats from 'Meerkat Mail' before ordering them from lightest to heaviest, weighed ou (More)
Mr Griffin wrote: Perfect partitioning
What a great start! We have partitioned numbers using cubes, base 10 equipment, using pictures and mentally. Here are some of the class making large numbers using practical equipment... We even did races to see who could make number quickly and (More)
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