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Mrs Steeper wrote: Rainforest animals
This week, the children had the opportunity to meet some animals from the rainforest and from the desert. They learned about where they came from and had the chance to hold them. The children had a great time and we are using the day to inspire our p (More)
Mr Griffin wrote: Amazing animals
We were lucky to be visited by some unusual and interesting animals. Some were rainforest animals and some were from other parts of the world. All were fascinating in their own way and the children loved meeting them!  (More)
The children had a great time at Tropical World in Leeds. They really developed a great understanding of the humid climate, with us all getting hotter and hotter. We learned a lot about the different creatures and plants, and had a brilliant time spo (More)
Mr Griffin wrote: Rainforest magic!
Welcome to Year 3!  Our topic is rainforests and we have already found out so much, been on a trip and done some excellent art work. Thanks to all of the children who brought in holiday homework. You are superstars! Here are a few examples... (More)
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