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Atkin wrote: New Term!
Since returning after Easter, most of our time has been spent rehearsing for our play- hope you have ordered your tickets! However, we have made a start on our new topic - Ancient Egypt. Our new reading corner has proved to be popular too with inf (More)
On Tuesday afternoon, we began our Great Fire of London topic in the same way that the Fire actually started - we baked bread.  We followed the recipe carefully and measuring our ingredients accurately using the weighing scales.  Then we followed s (More)
Mrs Steeper wrote: World Book Day
The children had a great time on World Book Day. They took part in a book scavenger hunt in en afternoon, where they had to work with a partner to find words or pictures or both on the treasure hunt list. They worked well together and they had to use (More)
Even though we have only been in school for 3 days, it has been a very busy three days. The children came back firing on all cylinders and really embraced the fast-paced learning. In Maths, we are learning and consolidating how to add and subtract (More)
Please click on the links to see a list of suggested reading for each Year Group. These are guidance and you can choose ones from other lists depending on the reading ability of children. It may be useful to search for some of the books on website (More)
Today, every child in our class visited another class to read their versions of The Enormous Crocodile.  We were very brave and tried to use our loud voices, even though it was quite scary.  We were grateful to the other classes for allowing us to (More)
Mrs Holness wrote: Roald Dahl Day
A superb effort by all of the children to think of three clues and bring them in. Can you guess the book and character? (More)
KS2 had a great day on Tuesday when Amanda, a dancer and choreographer, from West End for Schools worked with us on our class book 'The Arrival'. We had an intensive 35 minutes and I was so impressed by the attitude and the amount of dance the childr (More)
Mrs Spruce School is looking really good with smart classrooms that are amazingly tidy considering the number of staff that moved classrooms at the very end of term. New desks have been ordered which will complete the " updated look". The children have settl (More)
deputy wrote: Enjoying reading
We love our time on the bus, and enjoy both discussing our book choices but also having quiet time to read.  Nothing quite beats curling up with a good book and letting yourself be taken into new worlds, whether they be real or imaginary. (More)
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