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Mrs Steeper wrote: Our Learning Exhibition
Today was the big day when the children showcased their learning to their parents and visitors from the Enquire Learning Trust and Governors. I was very proud of how they practised their presentations of their learning journey and their finished prod (More)
What a busy week we had last week, all working hard preparing for our exhibition next week. This is just a sneak preview of what is to come, to see the finished results make sure you visit next week! (More)
Atkin wrote: Animals!
Last week we had a surprise visit from a number of animals and creatures that may be found in the rainforest. We all had great fun holding, stroking and looking closely at our visitors. Even a large snake! Some pictures from the morning visit (More)
Mrs Giles wrote: Tying up loose ends....
It was fun learning how to tie the sailing knots which Michael and his family would have to learn, in order to raise and lower the main sail, during their adventurous voyage in our text, "Kensuke's Kingdom". Can you tell who managed the "reef" kno (More)
Atkin wrote: Macmillan afternoon
We have come to the end of another busy week where the focus across all subjects has been presentation. We have also been investigating leafcutter ants as part of our topic on Rainforests. The class have been amazed at some of the interesting facts w (More)
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