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Mrs Holness wrote: Well done everyone
A massive well done to all the children on the class assembly yesterday. You did a fantastic job at remembering your lines, speaking loudly and clearly, remembering when to come in and singing beautifully. And best of all, you did it full of smil (More)
Atkin wrote: Viking Battles!
Today has been the afternoon of the great Viking battle between the 3 year 3 and year 4 classes. The idea was to protect our own teacher and base camp flags whilst raiding other camps and trying to steal and plunder their flag. The raids ended in (More)
Atkin wrote: A week of visitors!
We have come to the end of another busy week, we have been making decorations for Christmas and preparing the room for our open afternoon. A big thank you to all parents and grandparents who visited on Thursday and helped with Viking brooch making (More)
Atkin wrote: Vikings
A busy day today preparing for our open afternoon. Last week we finished using papier mache on our shields and today, after researching how the Vikings would have decorated their own shields, we painted ours. We also completed our axes. We now hav (More)
Atkin wrote: Lots of fun!
This week has flown by and we have completed a number of activities. We have been working hard on our missing chapter for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and every time I read the children's books my tummy rumbles thinking about the sweets their (More)
Miss Wakefield wrote: Our learning journey
What a busy first few weeks we have had in Miss Wakefield's class.  We started our superheroes topic by looking at everyday heroes. As you can see from our board we have covered a whole range of areas and had lots of fun along the way.   O (More)
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