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Miss Wakefield wrote: Chinese New Year
As part of our music lesson, the children in reception learned all about Chinese New Year.  They played a range of musical instruments and took part in a dragon dance. . The children had great fun pretending to be a Chinese dragon around the c (More)
Mrs Holness wrote: KS1 Christingle service
Our annual Christingle service took place this morning in which the children all made their own Christingle and learnt about what each part represents. We then came together in the hall to take part in a service, led by Miss Wakefield, to celebrate t (More)
Mrs Holness wrote: The Real St Nick nativity
Well done to the children (and parents) for their hard work in learning the lines and lyrics for our nativity. I hope you enjoyed watching them and that the children enjoyed it themselves. The turn out for both concerts was amazing and is a real t (More)
Miss Wakefield wrote: Christmas dinner
The children enjoyed their Christmas dinner, with all the trimmings.  They loved pulling the crackers and joining in with festive songs. (More)
Mrs Holness wrote: Children in Need
Today we all dressed up in our pyjamas to help raise money for Children in Need.  All children and families gave tremendous support to the day by donating cakes and generous sums of money.  Although the exact total is not known yet (we are selling (More)
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