Return to school ?

Well my happiness factor is a lot higher now we are beginning to talk about a return to school. It is early days and the Government guidelines are vague but Principals in our Trust have a virtual meeting Monday to start our strategy. The main point so far is keeping social distancing therefore bringing pupils back either in stages or part-time.

What we do know is that for a lot of children and families this will not be an easy transition. Cloverfields staff have a long standing reputation for caring for children as individuals and we will initially spend quality time on the social and emotional aspect before we begin formal learning.  Psychologists have given thought to how we can shape our curriculum and we will take note of their ideas and adapt them to our pupils. If you are interested in this then go to this article- https://www.evidenceforlearning.net/recoverycurriculum/

Also rest assured that whilst we have continued to welcome our small group of pupils our wonderful team of cleaners and site manager have completed a deep clean on the entire school and will do the same to the classroom we have used before we open.

In order to keep a full communication with you from this point I will text you when a plan is ready and post the details here or on the front page of our DoJo. If you have changed your phone number please inform the office otherwise you will not get messages. Please also communicate as widely as possible across families in an attempt not to leave anyone out of the loop.

We look forward to seeing you all soon! Yipee!

Mrs Spruce