September 2020


Dear Parents

We are all looking forward to all children returning to school on Thursday 3rd Sept ( Reception and Nursery on 7th Sept)

Unfortunately the new Early Years unit will not be completed for a short time but we have re arranged the school building to accommodate everyone so please bring them all in. During the holiday a deep clean has been done throughout the whole school, including all of the carpets ( normal practice, but I do not usually share that level of detail with you!) 

We are completely ready to teach with staff spending significant time preparing classrooms and lessons. 

Please see the full September return document here-

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School places from 22 June to Summer


Trust message

As per the Government guidance on 15th June, Enquire Learning Trust academies are preparing to open to more pupils where they have additional capacity to do so. Each Academy Principal is currently looking at their additional spaces and risk assessments to ensure that all protective measures for further smaller groups could still be met. Some of our academies may not have the space or extra staffing needed to open further.


Humberston Cloverfields

In our school Nursery, Reception and Year 1 groups are full. We have two places Year 6, on a first come, first served basis- please contact school on Monday.


We are opening on Monday to Year two- there is one space left.


Key worker groups have only odd days remaining.


My wish but not a promise is that we are fully open in September.


Any newly returning pupils and parents Please watch our return to school video below:

Mrs Spruce



Summer Holiday

The Rt. Hon. Gavin Williamson MP (Secretary or State for Education), recently told parliament that, “There are currently no plans to make up class time lost during the lockdown by requiring pupils to return early from their holidays in August.”


All the Enquire Learning Trust schools will close as usual for the summer holidays. This includes our child care provision for vulnerable pupils and the children of key workers. Holiday Club will not be open. This school will close on 21st July. This will allow essential works to take place in school and key preparations to be made to ensure a successful start to the new school year for all children. 


The new school year will begin on Thursday 3rd September 2020.


We will keep this under review should we receive further instructions from the Department of Education.



Return to school - Monday 8th June

I am really looking forward to a return of some of our pupils and know that we are well prepared across all areas of the school. Please see details- under letters section. Theses details are also published on Dojo.


Please watch our return to school video below:


If you have changed your phone number please inform the office otherwise you will not get text messages. Please also communicate as widely as possible across families in an attempt not to leave anyone out of the loop.

The curriculum will be followed but we will be mindful of the need for frequent breaks and as much outdoor learning as possible. We have paid attention to what psychologists say in regard to how we can shape our curriculum and have taken note of their ideas and adapt them for our pupils. If you are interested in this then go to this article-


Warm regards

Mrs Spruce