Green sweatshirt/cardigan with embroidered school logo.
White polo shirt with or without embroidered school logo.
Black or grey trousers.
Black or grey skirt.
Black shoes are preferred rather than trainers. If trainers are worn, they must be black and as plain as possible. (No Astroturf trainers, please.)
Heels should be no higher than 3cm.
No jeans, no joggers or jogging bottoms (Joggers are allowed in Nursery)
All clothes should be named.

P.E. Kit
Green round-necked t-shirt with or without school logo
Plain black shorts.
Black plimsolls or trainers.
A pair of black jogging bottoms and a black hooded sweatshirt with or without the school logo on may be worn.
P.E kit can be worn on the day your child has a PE lesson.
All school clothes should be named.
All uniform can be purchased from our page on Uniform Direct or from Greenswear. 

Only stud type ear-rings may be worn (removed for PE)
No drop ear-rings, necklaces or bracelets to be worn due to health and safety
No make-up or nail varnish allowed.