Humberston Cloverfields Academy Nursery

Cloverfields Preschool (as we were previously known as) was established in 1994 and has grown and adapted to changes within the Early Years forum over the years. We are currently situated within what was the Humberston and New Waltham Children’s Centre onsite of Humberston Cloverfields Academy. In September 2015 we joined the Academy and are now part of the Enquire Learning Trust, providing opportunities for links and closer partnership working.

Our Aim and Objectives

Our aim is to be an inclusive nursery where we welcome each child and their family, providing a caring, friendly, safe and stimulating environment. We work to build positive relationships between ourselves, the children and parents and carers to establish a sense of belonging. This supports trust and enables children to become confident to engage in ‘nursery life’ with their peers and practitioners to become independent and have a positive attitude to learning. Practitioners recognise that each child is unique and will develop and learn at their own rate and in their own way, therefore this is taken into when planning and providing experiences and activities.

At nursery a fun, enjoyable curriculum is delivered by way of learning through play and offering opportunities to engage in varieties of experiences and activities with a combination of adult directed and child initiated activities. Equal opportunity enables all children to partake and enables them to become confident and independent in their thinking and learning.  The Early Years Foundation Stage, Development and Care for children from birth to five years provides the framework in which planning encompasses the seven areas of learning.

How to apply for a place at nursery

A telephone call to 01472 500217 to arrange a visit is recommended first. A tour and information will be provided and an application form will be given to you. The form enables us to send an invitation to a summer parents evening and a ‘come and play’ session before your child begins at nursery.

Sessions, times and fees

We cater from the age of 2 at most sessions. We are open Monday – Friday, term times only. All 3 and 4 year old children are entitled to 15 hours government funding and some parents who meet particular criteria may also be entitled to 30 hours government funding. We are flexible on sessions and can tailor the sessions around your requirements.  Further discussions with regards to funding will be entered into during a pre-visit or enquiries via telephone.


Morning sessions are 9-12.

Afternoon sessions are 12.30-3.30

A full day requires a child to bring a packed lunch and lunch starts at 11.45-12.30.

Each 3 hour session costs  £10.00 for age 3 and above and £10.00 for children aged 2 where sessions require payment. Payment is made through Parent Pay.

At nursery we also accept child care vouchers.